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In his best-selling book, “How Will You Measure Your Life,” Clay Christensen writes, “Companies focus too much on what they want to sell their customers, rather than what those customers really need.” According to Christiansen, successful companies are able to first determine what problems their customers are trying to solve, and then provide a product or service that is “hired” to solve the problem.

Christensen recounts how a fast food company conducted extensive research to determine why the sales of their milkshakes peaked at two distinct daily intervals.  They determined that milkshake sales peaked in the morning by reason of commuters who purchased milkshakes to occupy them during long work commutes. For these consumers, the milkshake was made thicker because it was being “hired” to solve the problem of boredom.  The company also determined that milkshake peaked in the early evening hours by reason of parents of young children who sought to provide their children with an after-dinner treat. For these consumers, the milkshake was made smaller, smoother and sweeter because it was being “hired” to provide a good excuse for a family outing.

At our firm, we take pride in the preparation of the legal documents that will address a client’s numerous business, tax and family legal issues.  Ultimately, however, the job that we are “hired” to accomplish is not to create a stack of legal documents.  Rather, we are being hired to provide our clients with the peace of mind that comes from knowing that their legal affairs are in order. Our clients appreciate the time and effort we take to explain legal and tax terminology in layperson’s terms, to lay out their options for implementing a plan consistent with their overall objectives, and to work collaboratively with other advisors to achieve those objectives.  Our clients derive peace of mind from the fact that our firm, together with other advisory team members, will continue to be available to them and their surviving family members in the future to address their legal matters.