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I am pleased to announce that our law firm is now “Veritage Law Group.”  Veritage is a combination of two words – “Veritas,”  which is Latin for “truth,” and “Heritage.”  This new name conveys our firm’s mission: to implement an estate plan unique to a client’s faith beliefs, family relationships and community commitments –the components that comprise one’s true heritage.

While our law firm’s name and logo have changed, we have not changed our scope and delivery of legal services.  We will continue to focus in the areas of estate planning and trust and estate administration.  Within our firm, here are the areas of focus that each of our professionals have developed:

Pat Mazorol: Estate planning; trust planning; and charitable planning, including non-profit foundations;

Cory Wessman: Estate planning; planning for Minnesota, Arizona, and Wisconsin residents; planning for high-net worth clients;

Chris Kline: Estate planning; planning for Florida residents; planning for younger professional clients;

Alexandra Gannon: Probate and trust administration; guardianships and conservatorships;

Dan Leptuck: Estate planning; real estate;

Christine Ringham: Estate planning; planning for the young adult children of our existing clients; and

Dallas Jorgensen (Paralegal): Federal and Minnesota state estate and gift tax returns.

If you have interacted with our firm in the past, you have likely interacted with Kathleen Gershin, a senior paralegal and the longest-tenured employee of our firm.  Kathleen is retiring this summer after 28 years in the law, and 16 years at the Erickson & Wessman law firm.  Kathleen personifies the professionalism and personal interaction that we hope to provide to you, our valued business professionals, and to our valued clients.

While our firm will miss Kathleen’s presence, I am pleased to announce three new additions to our firm over the past eight months: Mollie Fitzgerald and Alyssa Bicking, both legal administrative assistants, and Dan Leptuck, attorney.  Dan’s practice includes not only estate planning matters, generally, but real estate matters in particular, including residential property sales from revocable trusts, property transfers into revocable trusts, and intra-family real estate transactions.

Each of our legal professionals can assist you and your valued clients with locating the appropriate legal professional to assist with a legal matter, either within our law firm, or at another firm.  If you have not yet made it over to our office in Bloomington (we moved on July 1 of 2021), my colleagues and I would love to host you here at our firm.