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The Five Vehicles for the Transfer of Assets

My family recently purchased a new vehicle.  To organize all the variables factoring into our decision, my wife Heather created a spreadsheet.  The variables included fuel efficiency, trunk size, headroom, and cost.  While my two sons lobbied extensively for a larger, sportier vehicle, Heather and I were not quite ready to “Die With Zero,” and […]

Candidates for Fiduciary Offices

On January 15, 2024, Iowa Republicans kick off the 2024 political season by voting for a Republican candidate for President.  In honor of the Iowa Caucus, in this month’s update I offer my thoughts on how to choose a candidate.  But rather than offering any opinions or endorsements for any political candidates, in this month’s […]

Revocable Trust Planning

Do I need a revocable trust?  While a revocable trust has become a common estate planning strategy, it is also the subject of much confusion.  The late Harvard Business School professor Clayton Christiansen taught that businesses must precisely distill the objective that customers are hiring the service or product to accomplish; that is, what Christiansen […]

The Minnesota Electronic Wills Act

Can’t we just e-sign our Wills?  Clients are surprised to learn that under Minnesota law, a Will must be signed on physical paper, in ink, and in the physical presence of two witnesses.  Since many legal contracts can now be signed by electronic signature, Will signing formalities might seem to be stuck in the 1950’s.  […]

Employee Benefits Estate Planning

It’s open enrollment season, which means that our law firm, like your company, has recently received notice of its 2023 health insurance coverage options.  Having reviewed our firm’s coverage costs, well, let’s hope that 2023 brings good health, and few medical appointments, for my family as well as for yours. As occasioned by this upbeat […]

Buy One, Get One Free: Using Separate Revocable Trusts for Married Clients

Buy One, Get One Free.  Who doesn’t like a good deal?  Whether two-for-one amusement park tickets, sports tickets or my favorite, BOGO children’s meals, we appreciate “two for the price of one” deals. In this month’s update, I share why we recommend that married residents of the State of Minnesota create two trusts—in some respects, […]

Prime Numbers and the Division of Unique Assets

While recently helping my third-grade daughter with her math assignments, I had to “google” the exact definition of a “prime number.”  If your memory is better than mine, you will recall that a prime number is any number that cannot be made by multiplying two other whole numbers.  Just as prime numbers cannot be divided […]

Information Disclosure Following Death

“This coordinated lying between us is exhausting, how do criminals manage?”   With careful coordination, my wife and I were able to keep the truth about Santa Claus from our children for several years. During that time, neither of us wanted to be the bearer of bad news about Santa to the kids.  When they were […]

Legal Designations for Young Adults

Once a young adult child graduates high school and leaves home, many of our clients express frustration over the inability of the parents to obtain information and make important decisions that are critical to the well-being of the young adult child.  To the frustration of many of our clients, the child’s university seems to know […]

What Job Are You Being Hired For?

In his best-selling book, “How Will You Measure Your Life,” Clay Christensen writes, “Companies focus too much on what they want to sell their customers, rather than what those customers really need.” According to Christiansen, successful companies are able to first determine what problems their customers are trying to solve, and then provide a product […]