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Debts Following Death

“My estate planning goal is to bounce my last check.”  Numerous clients, in jest. Most of the estates we represent hold sufficient assets to pay all the deceased loved one’s debts, including the last check written.  In some cases, however, the remaining debts of a decedent exceed his or her remaining assets.  Just last week, […]

The Disposition of Your Remains

I am sorry to report that you missed it again this year.  A few weeks ago, the 21st annual Frozen Dead Guy Days (the “FDGD” as it is known by the locals) occurred in Morstoel, Colorado.  The weekend’s annual festivities commemorate the deceased Grandpa Bredo, whose remains are currently cryogenically frozen in a shed near […]

Post-Death Task List

If you’ve struggled to keep up with the names of the players on your favorite low-budget professional sports team, you would appreciate “Whose on First?,” the classic comedy routine by Abbott & Costello.  Confusion over proper roles, titles and responsibilities related to the administration of a trust or estate can similarly arise following the death […]

Administration Timeline

Administration Timeline Timeframe: Task(s): Beginning of Administration Process  “Certificate of Trust” and “Acceptance of Trustee” documents prepared and signed. By April 15 year following death File final income tax return of deceased. As soon after death as may be reasonable Notify social security, V.A. and any institution making payments to decedent. Within reasonable time after […]

Post-Pandemic Probate Proceedings

Since the COVID-19 pandemic, most “informal” probate proceedings are now being held via virtual “Zoom” hearings or by telephone.  While no two situations are alike, we generally follow the following steps whenever a probate court proceeding is needed:

Information Disclosure Following Death

“This coordinated lying between us is exhausting, how do criminals manage?”   With careful coordination, my wife and I were able to keep the truth about Santa Claus from our children for several years. During that time, neither of us wanted to be the bearer of bad news about Santa to the kids.  When they were […]

The Benefits of Professional Advisory Insights

“Hey honey, you can’t use the microwave now– I have to start a zoom call.” Throughout much of the stay-at-home period in 2020 and into early 2021, my wife and I “suffered” (in a very first-world sense of the word, of course) from a few technology-related issues in our home.  Until about six months ago, […]

In-Laws and Estate Planning

“Well, that was a son-in-law.” So exclaimed my golf playing partner immediately after he drove his tee shot off the first tee right into the trees, resulting in a penalty stroke. “What do you mean,” I asked my friend, what does that errant golf shot have to do with a son-in-law? “Not what I had […]

Trustee Selection

In the first round of the 2019 NFL draft, the Minnesota Vikings select…… On April 25th, NFL fans will be interested observers of the annual amateur draft.  Will the Vikings select an offensive lineman, a receiver or a kicker? The longevity of an NFL general manager is based, in part, on his success in making […]

Helping Grieving Families

In my practice in administering trusts and estates, I have the honor to work with widows and widowers grieving the death of a spouse as well as children and grandchildren grieving the loss of a parent or grandparent.  Through my own experience of losing my son Micah in 2009, I know firsthand about grief and […]